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Invigorate your home or business with quality permanent botanicals from Silk Scapes.  Since 1986, Silk Scapes has been amazing its customers with the realism, stability and versatility of silk botanicals. Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Silk Scapes offers retail and volume customers exceptional quality, price and value.
Silk Scapes Permanent Botanicals
Custom Made
Each Silk Scapes product is custom made, hand-assembled and approved for final use by our team of experienced floral designers and interior stylists. Every Silk Scapes hanging basket, garden bag, flower arrangement, potted greenery, floor plant or tree is created with the highest quality, botanically correct materials and potted in containers that accentuate the ‘live plant’ effect intended for each design. All Silk Scapes orders are fulfilled from our order center in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and sent to you fully assembled, expertly packaged and delivered to your home or office ready to display.


Botanically Correct

At Silk Scapes we specialize in duplicating Mother Nature with our botanically correct silk flowers, plants and trees. Our experienced buyers travel around the globe to purchase products that offer the highest quality of fresh-cut realism, color accuracy, feel and texture.


Environmentally Safe

While live plants and trees often carry dangerous microbes and insects that can be harmful to persons with allergies or weak immune systems, permanent botanicals from Silk Scapes offer a healthy, vibrant and enriching alternative. 


Flexible and Economical

The enduring quality and versatility of permanent botanicals make them suitable for any indoor or outdoor space.  From homes, to hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings, corporate lobbies, healthcare facilities, hospitals, aquariums and most any outdoor venue, Silk Scapes can meet and exceed your expectations for exception quality, price and value. 

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